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DotNetNuke – Upgrade to 7.1.1 – DDRMenu doesn’t work anymore

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After upgrading DNN PE to 7.1.1, the DDRMenu suddenly stopped working due to a JS error: “Uncaught TypeError: Object function (e,t){return new b.fn.init(e,t,r)} has no method ‘curCSS'”.

the JQuery CurCSS method has been deprecated in JQuery 1.8.

DNN 7.0.x used JQuery 1.7 while DNN 7.1.x uses JQuery 1.9.1

The DDRMenu has not been updated to work with new versions of JQuery and they don’t seem to have a new version in the pipe on their website

The fix is quite easy but it might get overridden next time we upgrade the DDRMenu:

Edit \DesktopModules\DDRMenu\DNNMenu\DNNMenu.min.js and replace all “curCSS” method calls (2) with “css”

Update: DNN support replied that everything worked fine with a “out of the box” skin and therefore the problem was caused by my custom skin which was out of support (they don’t give support on Skin development).
By comparing my skin with one of the OotB, we found out that we were using <DNN:NAV instead of the more common <DNN:MENU. The DNN:NAV should still work but I get a feeling that is slowly dying (I can only find documents related of this menu in connection with DNN4 and 5, nobody seems to have used it since…)

We will investigate further but in the meantime, we are considering switching our menu to <DNN:MENU

Update2: Replacing the DNN:NAV with a DNN:MENU was easier than I thought and I get the feeling this incompatibility is the tip of the iceberg. Your safest bet is to download a free, prebuilt menu (superfish works pretty well out of the box), copy it in the skin folder and link it from the template (menustyle) and tweak the look and feel.
FYI: here is what they write on the DNN website about DNN:NAV:
Note that while it is also possible to use a dnn:NAV control with the DDRMenuNavigationProvider and CustomAttributes to render a non-DNNMenu template, it adds complexity and brings no particular benefits, so is not recommended.



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September 18, 2013 at 12:01 pm

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