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Restore a subsite on sharepoint 2003

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I just wanted to share briefly a head wrecking problem I had to fix today.
On sharepoint 2003 there doesn’t seem to be an easy way to restore a subsite (in our case it had been accidentally deleted).
There is a GUI to backup/restore the whole site but nothing that does single subsites.
BackupExec provides this functionality OoB but this time it didn’t work for us (don’t know why yet).
So here is what I did:
– Clone the webserver (thank God for vmware)
– Restore the last db backup for the site concerned
– Check if the deleted subsite is there
– Backup the deleted subsite using the following command (beware of removing any trailing slash or the command will fail):
smigrate -w “http://yourcompleteURL-withouttrailingslashes” -f D:\subsitename.fwp -u domadminuser -pw adminpassword
– Copy the .fwp file onto the PROD server
– Recreate the subsite on the PROD but do not assign a template (when you are asked to choose a template, just close the browser)
– Launch the following command to operate the restore:
Smigrate -r -w “http://yourcompleteURL-withouttrailingslashes” -f D:\subsitename.fwp -u adminuser -pw adminpassword
– in my case smigrate did not manage to restore the security (do it manually)
– Delete the clone of the server

Hope this helps,

Written by zantoro

July 19, 2012 at 4:31 pm

Posted in Sharepoint