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Change Exchange CAS internal or external HTTP URLs (EWS, OAB, Autodiscovery, RPC etc.)

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I recently had to change the internal address address (msExchInternalHostName) used by exchange to access autodiscovery, OAB, EWS etc. The reason why I had to do it, is that we had to change the certificate (we purchased a wildcard certificate in place of the old multi-host) as we decided to save money using the same certificate for both internal and external addresses.

While some of these are accessible from the EMC, some other can only be set using Powershell.

The problem with Powershell is that sometimes the documentation is a bit sketchy and personally I was unable to find any valid documentation on how to change: EWS, Autodiscover and RPC. Moreover I was unable to find a document that would list all the changes an admin has to apply in this case and I was afraid to leave something behind (as I did).

This is an example of the Powershell documentation for setting the Autodiscover:

I knew these info were stored somewhere in AD, I did a LDP search and found it. Change all the addresses from ADSIEDIT.msc was then simple, effective and all the settings are there in front of you in plain text.

If someone is looking for the same, see if you find it in the same place or maybe you can do a LDP searching for your current address in this attribute: msExchInternalHostName.

For me it was in (use ADSIEDIT):

DomainName/Configuration/Services/Microsoft Exchange/Name/Administrative Groups/Exchange Administrative Group/Servers/CASServerName/Protocols/HTTP

Hope this helps,


Written by zantoro

August 10, 2012 at 10:28 am

Posted in Exchange, IIS