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DotNetNuke: use DNN libraries in a common aspx page – Get the username

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We are trying to migrate our portal to DotNetNuke. We have several applications developed in ASP.NET which we don’t want to convert into DNN modules all at once.

What we plan to do is convert only the entry point page from aspx to ascx and keep using all sub web forms modifying as little as we can (for the moment).

Initially we thought we could not retrieve the authenticated user info in non-module pages but actually, as long as the web page (aspx) is a member of the module you can reference to all DNN classes and retrieve whatever info you need.

Here, for example, is how I retrieve the logged in user:


Imports DotNetNuke.Entities.Modules.PortalModuleBase


Dim uinfo As DotNetNuke.Entities.Users.UserInfo = DotNetNuke.Entities.Users.UserController.GetCurrentUserInfo()
Label1.Text = uinfo.Username






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April 11, 2013 at 7:49 am

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