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DNS A record change – World Wide replication

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this is just a brief post where I would like to share my findings about DNS changes and World Wide replication.

Up till now I was always told that a World Wide replication of a public DNS modification (e.g. A record) would take up to 72h. It seemed strange to me so I did some research and it turns out this if far from true.

World Wide replication time is entirely dependent on the record (not the zone) Time to Live which contrary to popular beliefs, IS a reliable setting.

For Windows users, in order to see the record’s TTL, you’ll have to click View -> Advanced in the DNS console.

The default setting on windows DNS is 1h which means a World Wide replication of a record change could take up to 70 or 80 minutes.

My suggestion is to set the record’s TTL to 5 minutes 24h before doing the DNS update and change it back to 1h right after you updated the record.




Written by zantoro

December 23, 2012 at 10:38 pm

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